APRENDIZAJE ESPERADO: Las alumnas serán capaces de construir cualesquier oración en tiempo futuro con facilidad, utilizando el "going to", en sus tres formas ( afirmativa, interrogativa, negativa), palabras y teléfonos relacionados a las emergencias.

1.- ver un vídeo sobre el uso del going to en las oraciones.

2.-Written comprehension & production
a.- Complete the dialog in your sheet/copybook.

Ann: _they going to come tonight?

Bod: Yes they _.

Ann: What we going to do?

Bod: Jim going to bring some soda. Laly going to bring cookies.

Andy going to bring anythig because he can't.

Ann: I repeat my question. What we going to do?

Bod: We _ going to make a cake

Ann: You mean mom going to make a cake

b.- Find the words to complete these sentences in the glossary on page 65 in your
book ( English Secondary #3). then write them in your sheet/copybook.

1.- All cars need a fire .

2.- Women take their money in their _.
Men carry in in a .

3.- Put a wet towel over your nose when the air is very hot so that you can_ better.

4.- The fire trucks carry water and long-

5.-It is very sad, but after a fire many people are badly

c.- Look. Do you know the names of these objects?

external image FFR-Helmet-Red-Jr-Fire-Chief-Helmet-large.jpg

external image upimg48%5CFireman-s-Safety-Natural-Rubber-Boots-8388.jpg 2_

external image Fire-Extinguisher.jpg

external image Cville%20Firemen%20in%20Hose%20Fights.JPG